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Juliet Balcony Fabrication and Installation

Also known as a Balconet, Balconette, Juliette or False Balcony, a Juliet is a safety railing that can be placed in front of doors or windows to create a feeling of a large open balcony, at a fairly low cost.

We are able to offer an extremely high standard of design, manufacture and installation for either bespoke or standard Juliet balconies, to any specification.

With our level workmanship and CE certification you can be sure to receive a top quality product right from conception to completion from Aztec Centreline. We offer a wide range of materials and finishes, such as stainless steel or powdercoated mild steel, with optional galvanising if necessary.

So, whether you require 1 balcony, or 100s, you should make us your choice to get the job right.